About Us

Walking through the Greenacres Historical Society Museum is like going back in time, long before flat-screen TVs, cellphones and the Internet and before the world got into a big hurry.

There are wooden — and seemingly indestructible — classroom desks from the 1950s. There’s a restored mahogany mantle from an early log cabin home and a decades-old pharmacy section with pictures of thyme and cake fillers for sale.

“I want people to feel like they’ve walked back into their younger years,” Estelle Friedman, president of the Greenacres Historical Society, said of the revamped 863-square-foot museum on 301 Swain Blvd. “And for young people, I want them to see what life was like before everything was taken for granted.”

Our museum contains such historical items as a washboard, a Singer sewing machine from the 1920s and a manual typewriter.

In the classroom section, there is a virtual teacher speaking about the history of Greenacres.

“The teacher talks about the beginnings and the hurricane that came through in 1928 and destroyed many of the houses,” Friedman said. “We’ve created history and are making people a part of it.”

New things continually come in. This museum is always developing. Even if you've already seen it before, there is always more to see.